Massage Therapy

Looking for refreshment, relaxation, or even firming? You will find all of our massage programs.

Grapes and wine are not only a gastronomic experience, but also a popular ingredient in cosmetic and wellness treatments due to its health-enhancing, beautifying effect. Developed in the Bordeaux wine region, the efficacy of vine therapy is provided by the antioxidants found in the grapes, which moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Grapefruit kernels and shells contain large amounts of the antioxidant called polyphenol, which helps fight free radicals responsible for skin aging. The specialties of the Zenit Hotel are the so-called vine therapy treatments based on viticultural products, which can make your skin taut, effectively prevent your skin from being youthful or against locomotor complaints.

Refreshing foot massage

Pampering massage for the feet. It uses other techniques such as sole reflexology. So its purpose and effect are different. The sole is one of the best-used parts of the body, so it is important to maintain it. The purpose of foot massage is to refresh the sole and eliminate the so-called heavy foot.

therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage increases the elasticity of the skin, relieves muscle fatigue, and eliminates the constant tension of the muscles. It helps to eliminate edema and water. It helps to heal non-inflammatory joint diseases.

Massage, which relaxes tight muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic circulation and enhances metabolism.

Honey massage

The vitamin, enzyme and mineral content of honey penetrates deep into the skin and sucks up waste and detoxifies the body. The treatment rejuvenates, softens and tightens the skin, and has an intense anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. At the beginning of the ritual, we pour the honey on the patient’s back, which is then evenly distributed. The masseur puts his entire palm on the subject’s skin. Utilizing the stickiness of honey, it can lift the skin, helping to eliminate abnormal adhesions of connective tissue

Inner Peace Lavender Oil Body Massage

The oil mixture used increases the soothing effect of the massage, both absorbed through the skin and inhaled by the aroma. Throughout the treatment, slow, gentle, smoothing movements play a major role in relieving stress caused by stress. It is used to reduce stiffness in joints and tissues, increase muscle elasticity, improve blood circulation and relieve tension that has accumulated.

Sunrise – pampering with vanilla-jasmine

The massage uses vegetable-based vanilla and jasmine scented oils, which contain natural and skin-friendly ingredients. Argan oil and vitamin E soften and gently care for the skin. Its pampering and aromatherapy effect is due to its euphoric sweet scent. Promotes relaxation.

Choco me – hot oily body massage

With real chocolate! When it comes to our skin, it warmly warms our bodies and souls. The scent and aroma of chocolate fills the room and brings us into a pleasant state of relaxation. Chocolate releases the hormones of happiness. Our skin will be firm and hydrated. There are two options for treatment.

warm oil, relaxation body massage

Alternating with gentle touches and stronger muscle-relaxing movements, your tired body can regenerate while absorbing the scent of fine massage oil. With warm scents of lavender, cinnamon orange and vanilla, our bodies are energized. Fine, warm oil permeates our body, opening up other dimensions of charge.

Coffee Massage

During the massage, warm oil is applied to the skin. In the cozy light price, the heated oil spreads perfectly on the skin. Its long-lasting softness soothes, tightens and regenerates the skin.

Cellulite treatment massage

Cinnamon oil stimulates blood circulation, warms the skin tissues and enhances the blood supply to the skin. Detoxifies, decontaminates and cleans. Restores skin balance, tightens skin cells, slims. It contributes to skin regeneration with tangerine oil. Softens and cares for the skin. Sweet massage scent with natural massage oil, with mood enhancing effect.

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