Full Body Massage Parlour in Ludhiana

Choose the perfect full body massage parlour in Ludhiana at Elision Day Spa.

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At Elision Day Spa they have the perfect massage for you. If you are looking to tone yourself, a foot, head or stress relief massage, this is the perfect plan for you. Choose the massage that suits you and enjoy the benefits offered by each of them.

All the massages that you can find at Elision Day Spa, have their own benefits in which they will favor you in different parts of your body and mind. You can choose between:

Ayurvedic massage from India, toning: Inspired by the ancient Indian tradition this toning massage uses hot oil and alternates sequences of long and deep movements. Vanilla and cardamom fragrances relieve muscles and facilitate deep sleep and leave silky skin.
Draining foot and leg massage: A treatment dedicated to the relief of fatigue and pain in the muscles of the legs and calves. This toning and draining massage uses the natural assets of the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Fresh and light legs with a feeling of total relaxation.
Sensory massage of head and scalp: Inspired by the Japanese relaxation technique, this comprehensive treatment combines the massage of the reflex areas of the face and head.
Balinese massage: use the unctuous balm of tropical nuts. A sensory getaway that combines smoothing maneuvers and gentle Thai stretching.
Oriental relaxing massage in ludhiana: argan oil is applied throughout the body by heating it and leaving it delicately scented. The stress points are stressed to eliminate toxins and muscle aches, obtaining a state of well-being.

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